In 1988, a need was felt to create a scientific forum where all the scientists interested in a similar cause of promoting reproductive health could come together and share their research experiences. It was with this objective that the Indian Society for the Study of Reproduction and Fertility (ISSRF) was formed and registered in Mumbai under the Societies Registration Act. Its founder and life members represent biomedical sciences, social sciences, veterinary sciences, clinical specialties in particular the obstetrics and gynecology and andrology, health care providers and woman's health groups. The Society believes that this multidisciplinary effort is essential to speed up progress and make the most of limited resources.

The Society has grown phenomenally over the years, with the current Life Membership of 1355. Credit goes to the tireless efforts of its Life Members and members of the past and present Executive Committees. With the sincere and dedicated efforts of all the members, let us hope our Society will reach the pinnacle of glory unmatched by others.


The main objectives of the Society are to: (i) provide a forum for the discussion of scientific, clinical and veterinary knowledge on all aspects of reproduction; (ii) facilitate exchange of knowledge and ideas in the area of reproduction through seminars, workshops, conferences and meetings; and (iii) promote the growth of the discipline of reproductive biology and reproductive medical care.


One of the major activities of the Society so far has been its annual meetings wherein scientists belonging to the broad area of reproductive health gather to discuss developments in the area. Since its inception, the Society has organized several international and national meetings, the proceedings of which have been published. The meetings have been successful in terms of their scientific contents and attendance. Young scientists were particularly encouraged to participate in the meetings by way of financial support, holding separate sessions and giving awards for best presentations.

One other major activity of the Society has been the publication of the ISSRF Newsletter. It is published half yearly to disseminate information on different aspects of reproductive health and to facilitate interpersonal communication between the members. The ISSRF Newsletter has ISSN 2395-2806.

The ISSRF has also been conducting mid-term activities in the form of national workshops on reproductive health awareness to educate and provide latest scientific updates in very simplified manner to senior school students. The programme consists of popular lectures by senior clinicians and scientists from premier institutions along with theater based activities & documentary films.