Journal of Reproductive Healthcare and Medicine (JRHM)

The Journal of Reproductive Healthcare and Medicine (JRHM)  ( is an open-access peer-reviewed journal committed to publishing high-quality articles in the field of Reproductive Physiology and Pathology. The journal is owned by the Indian Society for the Study of Reproduction and Fertility and published by the Scientific Scholar (

Aims & Scope

The Journal of Reproductive Healthcare and Medicine (JRHM) is the official journal of the Indian Society for the Study of Reproduction and Fertility (ISSRF). JRHM publishes juried original scientific articles in the clinical, laboratory, and population research and timely peer-reviewed review articles, editorials, opinions/commentaries, and practice guidelines to promote clinical and basic reproductive sciences relevant to reproductive and developmental biology, andrology, physiology, immunology, genetics, contraception, menopause and infertility. Besides human reproduction, high-quality research on animal reproduction is also encouraged.


Journal welcomes manuscripts which covers all scientific and medical aspects of reproductive physiology and pathology, endocrinology, andrology, gonad function, gametogenesis, fertilization, embryo development, implantation, pregnancy, fetal development, genetics, genetic diagnosis, oncology, infectious disease, surgery, contraception, infertility, epidemiology, population dynamics, ethics, and social issues.

Review process

JRHM has a highly rigorous peer-review process that makes sure that manuscripts are scientifically accurate, relevant, novel and important. Authors disclose all conflicts, affiliations and financial associations such that the published content is not biased.

Editorial team

The editorial board comprises of a panel of experts from various disciplines of medical and allied sciences to provide their expertise and guidance in maintaining the clarity of content and focus of the purpose for the journal.

Special Issue of the Journal of Reproductive Healthcare and Medicine (JRHM)-COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on assisted reproductive technologies was released during the inaugural function of the 31st Annual Meeting of our Society along with International Conference on Challenges and Strategies on Reproductive and Environmental Health with Special Reference to COVID-19 Pandemic (ISSRF-2021) on 19th February, 2021. Visit  ( to access all the articles of special issue.