1 To provide a forum for the discussion of Scientific, Clinical, Social and Veterinary knowledge on all aspects of Human and Animal Reproduction.

2 To facilitate exchange of knowledge and ideas in the area of Reproduction through Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and Meetings held from time to time.

3 To promote the growth of the discipline of Reproductive Biology and Reproductive Medical Care.

To Fulfill its Objectives and to Achieve its Goals

1 The Society publishes periodicals or proceedings of its meetings to disseminate information regarding scientific advancement, technical information and other allied information for the benefit of its members and also the public.

2 The Society may accept any contribution, donation, fees, grants from Government, funding agencies, private industry or public for carrying out projects and functions in consonance with the objectives and spirit of the Society.

3 The Society may acquire any property either by gift, purchase, loan or lease or hire, movable or immovable property required for the purpose of the smooth functioning of the Society. The property or money so acquired by the Society will be dealt in by the authorized Executive Committee member of the Society in a manner benefiting with holding the dignity of the Society.

4 The Society shall be a non-profitable organization. No bonus or dividends can be claimed by any member or Organization from the Society.

4.1 However, the Society may appoint such people on payment of remuneration to carry out such functions as entrusted to him/her. Such employee of the Society may become eligible for travel expenses etc. to be determined by the Society.

4.2 The Society may pay honorarium or honor its workers by instituting medals and the expenditure incurred for such purposes may be borne by the Society. But such expenses should have a prior approval of the Executive Committee.

4.3 The Society may grant travel allowance etc. to any person who is entrusting to undertake travel in promoting the welfare of the Society. But such travel should be undertaken with the permission of the President and/or Secretary of the Society only.

4.4 The Society may constitute awards or medals to honor scientific excellence in the area of Reproduction.